Monday, January 16, 2012

First Sighting

Heir of Novron was first found at a Books-A-Million in Butler, Pennsylvania. It was found and shot by Michael Tynan thus winning him the exclusive Riyria shirt.

Congratulations Mike!


  1. I checked the shelves at the B&N in Geneva, IL yesterday (16-JAN), and didn't see anything. Had my wife been feeling better, I would've asked the bookstore to order me one of each.

  2. And look at the pedigree of the company it is keeping! Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN and Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly's ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. Good company there sir, good company indeed!

  3. My B&N said it should have been on the New In Store table but we couldn't find a copy anywhere, so I had to order it.

  4. Arrivals have been spotty. I haven't seen Heir in any stores around here either, but I'm getting photos from people finding it elsewhere.


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