Friday, January 13, 2012

On Their Way

Countdown, Day-4
Monday marks the launch of Percepliquis. As you can see we have an inventory ready to ship and will be packaging and shipping them out today for those who preOrdered and hopefully they will get to you on or very near Monday. Those of you buying the ebook version will be able to download them on Monday.  

We are still T-18 days away from the Heir of Novron release. I received my shipment of Heir copies on Wednesday, which means that copies could be hitting local book stores in the next few days as well. In the past, books appeared in stores just about a week after I got mine. So watch for them, and remember to snap a picture and send it to me when you see them. The first person who does will win a Riyria t-shirt.

Those wishing an ebook version of Heir of Novron, you still have another 18 days to wait. Why? Because the offical release is the 31st, but only the ebook can be punctually released. Percepliquis is being released two weeks early to account for the good chance that Heir will appear in stores early simply due to shipping realities, and to reward those long-time readers who helped make the series such a success.  

So keep a watch on your mail, and in your local stores—the last book is coming.

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  1. Michael,

    I could not be more happy for your success

    and I could not be more frustrated having to 'wait' for Heir of Novron

    congrats to both you & Robin



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