Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Percepliquis PreOrder Now


I told you I would let you know when the time came. Well, it’s here.

PreOrders will now commence for Percepliquis. The books will ship on January 16th. This is only for the printed, single edition, green cover, final book of the series. If you want ebook versions (kindle, nook, ipad, etc) those will not be sold by me directly. They are purchasable by Orbit through all standard outlets and will be auto-delivered on the 16th as well. (You can use the provided link to find buttons to buy those as well.)

This edition of Percepliquis has been authorized for creation and release by Orbit to meet the desires of those who already own the original printed set of five books so that you may have a completed set. The ebook formats are availible for those who likewise bought the original ebooks individually and don’t wish to pay extra to re-buy Wintertide.

If you are not one of these people, you should be buying Heir of Novron. For one thing, it is now the only way to get Wintertide, which you will want to read before this one. Also Heir of Novron, which contains both Wintertide and Percepliquis, is cheaper. Why? Because I produced Percepliquis, and I don’t have the resources to do the sort of large print run that Orbit can. As such my single version of Percepliquis, even discounted through this direct offer, will cost $14, (it costs more than the other books in the series, because it is almost exactly twice as long as Crown was—off by only a page or so—and paper costs money,) while you can get both books in Heir of Novron for only $10. But if you need the green book to finish the set you have on your shelf. Now’s the time to place your order.

You will also have the option to indicate if you would like me to sign the book. It doesn’t change the price—I don’t charge for autographs—and I will just sign it, or you can have it personalized to a particular person by inserting the name you want in the field, but please either choose signed, signed & dedicated, or unsigned. Don’t just leave that blank. If you do I will assume you want no signature.

PreOrder soon as this will determine how many copies we will have on hand to mail out when the 16th comes. Those ordering late might have as long as a two week delay in getting their copies mailed.


  1. wahoo! I was thinking just today that I needed to email someone to see if I had somehow missed the preordering step.

    We can't wait!

  2. Ordered my copy and will also be picking up the hard cover omnibus editions offered by the Science Fiction Book Club.

  3. I already pre-ordered from amazon thinking that was the only place to buy it. Are they actually going to have books?

  4. Picklefish,

    Is Amazon going to sell books? Why yes, I believe they do. And yes you can preOrder both Percepliquis and Heir of Novron on Amazon, and they will mail you real books.

    You can preOrder kindle versions of both as well.

    You can pretty much do what ever you like, your options are enormous. It's like build your own pizza week.

  5. I just pre-ordered the Kindle version. Thank you Michael for creating some very wonderful books. I'm very excited to read the conclusion.

    I am also excited to here what you will be working on next. Happy New Year and good luck in 2012!

  6. I won't buy at Kindle anymore, and B&N won't sell me. As for Apple, I don't own an iThingy... Will have to wait for Kobo to have it.


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