Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thank you all for the amazing support

The Audible First in Series Sale continues for about another week.  There is a lot to choose from, 206 titles to be exact, including more than 40 in the various fantasy categories. With so much to choose from I was amazed to find The Crown Tower topping the epic fantasy list, so I just wanted to say thanks for everyone who is taking this opportunity to give the prequel a try.

When looking at the larger Sci-Fi & Fantasy list of more than 10,000 titles The Crown Tower is #3 followed at #4 by The Jester which for those who don't know is a free Royce and Hadrian story from the Unfettered anthology. So if you know someone who you think might like to spend some time in Elan, ask them to give a listen, it's less than an hour and costs nothing.  If they like it, then it might be a good time to catch The Crown Tower while it's still on sale.


  1. I actually discovered you through Audible a while back when they were pushing Theft of Swords. The reviews convinced me that it was worth a go. Glad I did and also glad they let you buy extra credits because I burned through all three books in what seemed like a day.

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