Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finally taking the plunge...

Robin has made an appointment for me with a photographer to get an official "head shot."  I think that term sounds about right as I'd rather be shot in the head then sit for a picture. I guess it's one of those things that I have to have...I get request for them all the time from bloggers, people running writing conferences, and those that interview me, and I just don't have anything good to provide.  So, if nothing else I'll stop having to apologize each time I send one of my crappy self-portraits.

My first "head shot" was literally done by me holding out the phone and taking a picture of myself. This was long before selfies were popular and I had to do it about 60 times as most of them didn't have me framed right (I wasn't looking into the camera for this. Of all of them I dislike this one the most. Especially since I don't look that way any more as the mustache was going very gray and making me look older than I actually was.

My second "head shot" was from a picture that was taken at a restaurant in New York. I was actually sitting with my editor Devi Pillali, and it was blurry and dark - but that is probably why I liked it.  The mustache was there, but hard to see. It wasn't high resolution though, so that took it out of the running for most of the requests.

My third "head shot" was a picture from when I went to New York for The Audies award. I was in my new Tuxedo and sporting my $5 sun glasses - so I felt like Bond...James Bond.  Again not the best picture, and certainly not how I walk around in day-to-day. But it was a great day and brings back some fond memories.

So I'll soon have a new picture, I hope it is better than the other three - because it's being taken by a professional I suspect it will be.  After all it, can't be worse.  I've set a pretty low bar for him to jump over.


  1. We love you despite all the bad photo attempts. Best of luck with Hollow World (I ordered mine directly, as you suggested), anxiously awaiting it (hint, hint).

  2. I can't believe you haven't noticed yet but there is no Fantasy author with any street cred that owns a comb or brush. Do an image search for Poe, Rothfuss, GRRM etc and you'll see what I mean. (I have it on good authority that Tolkien got free haircuts from the University, otherwise he'd be a mess as well).
    But if you want to fly in the face of tradition and take pride in your appearance, it may be at your own peril.

  3. No headshot included, but my review of your excellent book is at Nerds of a Feather :

  4. @Oleg. I appreciate you seeing past them. A bunch of orders went out yesterday so check your email for tracking information.

    @techsticle - Very true - but then again I have no street cred so it's not surprising that I do own a comb.

    @English - a great review. Thank you for sharing it.


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