Sunday, March 9, 2014

Problems with ordering from Amazon

I'm not sure why, but right now there are two problems buying my books from Amazon.

  • Heir of Novron is out of stock and needs 2 - 3 weeks for shipping
  • Theft of Swords will probably go out of stock soon (there are only has a few copies left)
  • Almost all the discounting has been removed

One of the nice things about Amazon is unlike a bookstore with limited shelf space the almost always have books in stock. I'm not sure why they're not keep up, I know there are books in the publisher's warehouses.

As for the discounting...on 3/9/2014 Amazon removed all discounts on my books (both print and ebook) except for the ebook of The Crown Tower which is discounted a whole $1 - woo hoo!

I can't do anything about the ebooks, but I can help out people with the print editions. I sell all versions from my website. This means you can the books:

  • At a 20% discount ($12.75 - $13.75)
  • Shipped right away
  • Signed and/or dedicated if you wish.

Also, I've received copies of Hollow World so if you want the book early - you can order it from my website you won't have to wait until April 15th. To order, just use the button below.

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