Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's snowing in Virgina - but April came early - Hollow World is shipping now!

I always pre-order a copy of my books so I can see when they start going out to customers.  Today I received my copy of Hollow World!  I had purchased from Amazon, and sure enough the "pre-order" button is gone and the page now reads "in stock" and they can be bought.  Same with the kindle version which is also live.

Barnes and Noble's print edition is also live.  I think the nook will be available shortly, as will the rest of the platforms.  So we are getting them ahead of time.  Can't wait to hear what people think.

I've also seen that due to the Department of Justice settlement money is suddenly appearing in people's Amazon accounts for books they paid too much for pre-lawsuit. Hopefully some people will be using that to check out Hollow World.  I'm not sure if the books are in the stores yet, I'll update you on that front once I know more.  But for now here are some links for those that buy online.

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