Friday, August 22, 2014

Hollow World is Whispersync Enabled

This actually happened a while ago but with so much going on here, I've just not had the time to mention it. Hollow World is now Whispersync enabled!

What does this mean?  Well two things. First, it means if you have the kindle version of Hollow World you can add the audio book for just $2.99 which is a significant savings over the $27.99 regular price or the even discounted member price of $19.59.  That's quite a steal particularly considering what a great job Johnathan Davis did with the recording.

But the really cool thing about Whispersync, is Amazon keeps your ebook and audio book synchronized. So let's say you are coming home from work and listening to Hollow World in your car. You come in, grab your favorite beverage to unwind and open your ebook - and voila! Your ebook is already on the page where you left off on your audio book.  Now you read for a bit, have dinner, go to bed, and the next day you get into your car to go back to work. Bingo! Your audio book is already advanced to where you left off. How cool is that?

Getting this technology for Hollow World was a bit trickier than some of my other books because I kept the ebook rights to the series, sold the audio rights to Recorded Books, and Audible's Whispersync team is needed to implement the technology to sync the books. But after some phone calls and emails to the right people Robin got it done.  So it's up and running.

And if you happen to be a Riyria's enabled for all the books in both Revelations and Chronicles.  I just didn't mention it as they have been that way since release. I don't think the discount is as deep as Hollow World's is, but since Orbit controls those rights I don't have any say over such things.


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