Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tower Lord Giveaway - helps to benefit my ride to conquer cancer

Anthony Ryan really burst on the scene with his best-selling debut Blood Song. He's a talented author, and a generous guy. Right now he's running a giveaway for signed copies of his latest novel Tower Lord. That in and of itself would be great, but he's sweetened the deal by providing a bonus giveaway for people who pledge $20 to my ride to conquer cancer.  He's actually doing two drawings.  One for all those that pledge the $20, and the person who donates the largest amount will win a copy as well.

For my own part, I'm also going to have Anthony draw a winner for a signed hardcover of one of my Rirya books. There aren't many of these books so that should be something special even for people who have already read Riyria. These hardcovers were created for (Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club) and the entire print run for Theft of Swords is already sold out, so there are only a limited number of these in private stocks (including my own).  I'm offering the winner a choice of any of my books including Blood of Thieves which is the omnibus of The Crown Tower and The Rose and the Thorn.

Full details about the giveaway can be found at Anthony's website but you have to hurry.  Drawing will be made tomorrow (midnight GMT on the 7th of August).

As for the fund-raising effort...for those that don't know I'm riding 150 miles in two days to benefit John Hopkin's Cancer Center. I lost my father and sister to the disease, but I'm also riding in in memory of the authors we've lost to this terrible disease. Unfortunately the numbers are too large to mention them all but recent people who have fallen are: Jay Lake, A.C. Crispin, Iain M. Banks.  I'm also riding for Sarah Chron, the amazing creative talent behind the Bookworm Blues review blog. I'f long sung the praises of Sarah's reviews, one of the most respected in the industry. Sarah fought and beat cancer down once, but is back in the battle again. We are all pulling for her, and everyone fighting the good fight. If we raise enough money to beat this beast down we'll not have to have anyone battling it in the future.  Currently, I've raised 72% of my $2,500 goal and I've seen a marked increase in donations since Anthony started the giveaway.  I'm hoping with the generous support of a few more people, I'll be put over the top.


  1. How has your training been? You ready to breeze through all 150 miles? ;-)

  2. Training hasn't been as good as it was early on. My wife (who is doing the ride as well) has had several back surgeries and she hurt her back again recently. This kept her off the bike and me as well. We did go riding on Tuesday and will be going back out again today. But still have a long way to go ;-)


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