Monday, August 25, 2014

Will be doing an AMA on reddit/r/books tomorrow

I LOVE doing AMA's.  For those who aren't familiar they are an event held on reddit that stands for "Ask Me Anything" and the really good ones are where the guest takes that to heart and really does answer whatever questions come their way.  I've done a few of these in the past, and had great fun each and every time.  Anyway, I'm not sure if the above Mod Recommendation is a direct result of my pending AMA, or just good timing, but in either case, I'm grateful for the extra exposure.

So...while I know I answer a lot of question in various venues, this is an official notice for people to come on down to /r/books tomorrow an stop by.  Ask a question or just say hello but please stop by. I'd love to see you there. 


  1. Wish I had known about this. I'm not very familiar with reddit (I've ran away all but once whenever I've ended up there after some random click), but I did read some of your comments on the Amazon / Hatchette ordeal (the one time I didn't run away). Would have loved to chat more about that, or other things. Plus, I'm almost positive I've read one of your books =). I just can't remember which one, which isn't a reflection on your skills at all. My children ripped away my memory cells as soon as they could climb. Guess I'll have to start at the beginning book.