Monday, January 12, 2015

How to make Button Bars for your Goodreads Profile

A few days ago, I mentioned the article on Goodreads that Writer's Digest asked me to write. One of the things that I discuss in that article is how to make "Button Bars" on your profile, so people can easily get in touch with you.  Since Writer's Digest posted this in their free content or the article, I can share it as well.  So, here goes.

First, What is a button bar. Well, let's look at my Goodreads Profile:

See that line of buttons right below the "About the Author"? Those are links that will allow readers to:
  • Send me email
  • Visit my webpage
  • See my twitter profile and hopefully follow me
  • Checkout my facebook page
  • Go to my Amazon Author page where people can buy my books
  • Visit the Wikipedia page about me 
  • And the last one, which is hard to read at this resolution is to sign up for my newsletter.
I think its important to have all your contact highly visible on your profile page, and this does so in a nice graphical way. It's not hard to create these, and you can even re-use the graphics I made, or substitute your own.

I wrote up a little tutorial on this, and posted it online - you can get your own copy here.

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