Saturday, January 10, 2015

I said I was behind, and I meant it. Here is another "Best of" list that came out a week ago.  This one comes from  the Only the Best Science and Fiction & Fantasy site, so I guess it makes it the best of the best. Once again I'm honored to be included on such an amazing list:

It was supposed to be for 7 books but the blog's creator allowed for a tie, and I'm glad he did.  The full rundown is as follows:

  • Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan
  • City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett
  • Breach Zone by Myke Cole
  • Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence
  • Half a King by Joe Abercrombie
  • Veil of the Deserters by Jeff Salyarsds
  • The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman
  • The Crimson Campaign by Brian McClellan

Biggest Surprise of the year went to Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott. The best standalone novels were Angelmaker by Nich Harkaway and Blackdog by K.V. Johanson.  Best audio books went to Ilium & Olympos both by Dan Simmons. Biggest disappointment went to Impulse by Steven Gould, although the poster did enjoy the other two books that came before.

I really like this list, and not just because Hollow World made it, although that certainly helps. It has a lot of authors on it that I enjoy and even a few I know I have to get to soon.  So, check it out and hopefully you'll find some new titles to pick up.

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