Sunday, January 11, 2015

The GrimDark Review takes a look at Rise of Empire

It's been more than two-years since Rise of Empire was released, and I'm thrilled that people are still discovering The Riyria books. Even more so that they are enjoying them.    

The Grimdark Review is a fairly new site, which I've been really enjoying as of late. Eric Fomley recently reviewed Rise of Empire giving it a 9 out of 10. Woohoo!  Here is a bit of what he had to say,

"If you have not read any of the Riyria Revelations then you have missed out on some brilliant story telling by Michael J. Sullivan. If you are a fan of traditional fantasy or even any kind of fantasy, I think you will enjoy the characters that Michael Sullivan has created. Already with my time with Hadrian and Royce only part way finished, I feel like I’m reading about old friends and they both feel very real to me. This third book was an amazing build on to the first two novels of Theft of Swords and I look forward continuing my journey with these old friends."

I'm so glad Eric feels this way, because it was one of the goals I set out for when writing the book. I like characters who feel like friends, and I'm missing Royce and Hadrian, who I've not written about in a while. But I've also found some new friends in the characters of The First Empire, and I'm hoping to introduce them to you soon.


  1. Hey Michael, thanks for the mention! I am currently enjoying the fourth novel now! I keep spacing out reading them because I know I'll be sad to have reached the end when it comes. :/

  2. I completely agree with Eric -- I just finished my first Riyria read-through yesterday (all six Revelations and both prequels in a week. My poor, neglected dissertation...) and when I got to the end of Revelations I spent the rest of the evening missing them and hoping that Royce was okay off with the elves and without Hadrian. And then I realized how counterintuitive it was that I wanted to be Royce's friend given, well, Royce.

    Clearly I need to reread!


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