Sunday, April 5, 2015

How many reviews?

I'm really busy editing the last book of the First Empire, so no time today for a "Authors Helping Authors" or "Author's Tools" post. (The take quite a bit of time to research, write, and review.  I really want to get this book edited in time for Robin's birthday so I didn't do my usual "Wednesday Night out" and while I had ballgame tickets for yesterday, I left early so I could get some writing in.

But, I did run across a poll on Goodreads that I thought was interesting so I thought I would pose it here and hopefully get some more people to weigh in.  The question?

How many reviews do you usually look at before buying a book?
  • None
  • 1 - 3
  • 4 - 6
  • More than 6

More than 63,500 people have already answered the poll.  You can answer for yourself here.


  1. I tend not to buy books until I've read them already (same for movies and TV shows), and I generally pick books at the library based on the back cover blurb, the first few pages, a random sampling, or some combination of the three. I'll generally only buy a book I haven't read if it comes recommended by someone(s) I trust.

    My sister, who recommended Riyria to me, is a "read the first few paragraphs/page and decide" person, so props to you for catching her interest right away!

  2. I answered 0 because I usually don't read reviews until after I have read the book (I like to see what other people thought of the book). I usually pick books from authors that I have already read or that are in a series I like. If I am in a bookstore and a cover catches my attention, I will read the blurb and maybe a page or two to see if I like it before buying. I found The Crown Conspiracy at Podiobooks because it was narrated by an author I like (thanks to Nathan Lowell, I am now hooked on another great author!).

  3. For me it depends on the book and the author. There are some authors (Michael Sullivan among them) I will buy without ever looking at a review. I might look at reviews afterward to see what other people thought. If it's a genre I like, I will read the blurb. If I like the premise, I will look to see how many good and bad reviews the book has received. I might then check out a couple of positive reviews and a couple of negative ones. I like to see if the negative reviews have any substance. Then, I might buy it. That depends on my current TBR list and somewhat price. If I don't buy it then, I'll put it on my wish list and check it out again at a later date.