Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nice Job, Robin!

One of the great things about the "business of writing" is there is always another mountain to climb, always another goal to reach for. For some, this realization would be crushing. For me, it's invigorating. The other day when Robin an I were about to set out for lunch she asked me to wait a few minutes because she was waiting for something and she wanted to capture it when trigger. I wasn't sure what she was talking about but after another five minutes or so, she said we were "good to go." When we got back from lunch, she sent me this image and told me to post about it.

I'm sure there is some explanation why people like watching numbers turn over to all round numbers. I remember watching my first car (a beat-up Dodge Dart that was more Bondo than metal), switch over from 99,999 to all zeros.  I actually pulled over to savor the moment.  So I understand why Robin was excited to see 200,000 books added to people's shelves in goodreads.  I'm just not sure why anyone but us cares...but she wanted me to post and given our recent bullet dodging, I'm inclined to do as she asks.

I will say this. I never, believed such a day would exist.  To me the more meaningful number is the 105,108 ratings and reviews.  That's more than a hundred thousand people who have not only read my books, but felt strongly enough about them to express an opinion.  Now THAT is pretty darn cool.

Long, long ago, when we were releasing my very first book through a small publisher in Minnesota Robin and I were walking to the Metro for a night on the town to celebrate the contract signing. She was going to work on "getting the word out" while I concentrated on writing.  

She asked me, "How many people do I have to get to read your books for you to feel like a success." 

After some consideration, I replied, "Fifty." Then after a pause I added, "But they have to be people who I've never met and know nothing about me." 

She nodded and said with confidence, "I can do that." 

To be honest, I wasn't as convinced. I should have known better than to doubt her. Robin has never failed at anything she's set out to do.  And I think she overshot the mark by a pretty large margin. So I want to thank Robin for all the hard work she's put in to get my books read, and most importantly to all those people who have taken a chance on a new unknown author.  Your support of my books has been amazing, and I, and Robin, are eternally grateful.  


  1. Michael, I love that you are so appreciative of your wife and go out of your way to publicly praise her. That is just one more thing I like about you; more men should follow your example.

  2. Congratulations!! Keep watching those ratings+reviews and when they add up to something round, share that too! :)

    Also, I really hope your remark about "bullet dodging" means that Robin is doing all right. She's in my prayers, as is your family.

  3. Congrats Michael!
    I hope you'll get the next milestone rather quickly :)