Sunday, April 12, 2015

Missing Person

Hectic doesn’t quite describe things lately. We have a saying around our house that March is bad luck, as it has been the time of the worst events (I don’t have to tell you, do I, Julius?). This year March is spilling into April. 

Contract negotiations, a car accident (not me), and a tight deadline to finish the First Empire series and a short story for an anthology, have kept me too busy to even properly finish last month's AMA in a timely manner. Now, most recently, my wife spent a night in the hospital suffering severe chest pains with tests revealing ‘cause for concern’.

As a result if emails are not replied to, threads are left hanging, or I am otherwise missing from public discourse, it's because a wrench was jammed in a vital group of gears. 


  1. Mike, I know I speak for your loyal subjects here as well as your huge following on reddit in saying that if you need anything at all you need only ask.

    We are good at applying public pressure on greedy, faceless Corporate Empires if you need assistance with your contract negotiations. (PM me if you would like to discuss a wide variety of physical persuasion if it is a smaller firm. Prices are more affordable than you may think.).

    We are good at donating money as well as a group if you run into major medical expenses. Actually, I think they stopped producing minor medical expenses a while back, but let's see what happens for now.

    If you need some creative inspiration for your short stories, we can help with that too. Not me personally though, as all through reading Theft of Swords I was convinced that Royce and Hadrian were dead, done for, and game over about 50 times and I was sincerely worried that they wouldn't make it out of whatever situation they were in, even though I had two other sequels, Rise of Empire and Heir of Novron, right next to me the whole time with their faces on it, healthy as could be and obviously looking for more trouble.

    I'm thinking that you will make it out of this one too. Please surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts. For now, instead of you doing an AMA, you can ask us for anything.

  2. I am sorry things are so awful. I hope the "cause for concern" is nothing, but it sounds like she is at least in the right place. No need to worry about us; we'll still be here when things settle down!

  3. Prayers for Robin and your family!! And as KT said, don't worry about us; we're patient!

  4. Oh, man! I sent you an email today before I saw this post, Michael. I'm concerned about Robin, and please don't worry about answering the email. My thoughts are with you both.

  5. Michael, I know you have support from close friends and family and the writing community and they will all help you with whatever you need physically, emotionally, and professionally. Your readers and fans are also supporting you and Robin with good thoughts, positive energy, and prayers and it is all sent with LOVE.

  6. My best wishes and prayers for you & Robin. We are all here to support you.

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