Sunday, June 21, 2015

Authors Helping Authors: Some Kickstarters worth checking out

Given  I'm in the middle of Kickstarter for The Death of Dulgath, it's not surprising that Robin is keeping a closer eye on various projects than she otherwise does. Thanks to some amazing backers ours is going amazingly well. How well?  Well just look at these stats:

  • #1 Most funded Fiction Project currently running
  • #3 Most funded Publishing Project currently running
  • #10 Most funded Fiction Project of all time (for US based projects)
  • #13 Most funded Fiction Project of all time (for all projects)
  • Just $206 from our next stretch goal which will provide trade paperback printing
A number of the backers are first-timers, but there is always some cool to consider on Kickstarter. Since it's the weekend and I usually use that for Authors Helping Authors, I thought I'd highlight some of projects that we think might be of interest.  Check them out, and if you find something you like, please consider sending a pledge their way.

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