Saturday, June 13, 2015

Authors Helping Grads

I little different take on our Authors Helping posts this week.  In the past, Audible has done a nice job asking authors their opinions on various subjects. I really like seeing what they have to say. Why anyone would care about my opinion is beyond me, but it's still nice to be asked. This month they wanted us to impart some wisdom to new graduates as they set out into the world. For my own part, I selected a book that is all about passion...finding yours, and how to express your enthusiasm to attract people who share a love for what sets your heart ablaze.

For most people, we'll spend the majority of our lives at our "jobs," so it had better be doing something you love.  For me, it's no secret that is writing. But it wasn't until very late in my life that I realized it was possible to find people who enjoyed the fruits of my labor and were willing to support me in such efforts.

Simon Sinek is a great inspiration to me. He opened my mind to something that I somehow knew instinctively, but he was able to articulate. To show how it's not what you do but WHY you do it that matters. So my best piece of advice for those trying to figure out what they're going to do with the rest of their life is to find their "why," and Simon can help.

There were a lot of other authors who weighed in on this subject and I found it interesting to see what they had to say. Here's the full list who were asked:

And here is what each of them recommended:

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  1. Now there's an eclectic list of books if I ever saw one! Everything from Kafka to Sex and the City. I just requested Start With Why through my uni's loan system -- looking forward to reading it!


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