Friday, June 12, 2015

Cover Reveal: The Death of Dulgath

Straight from the creative mind of Marc Simonetti, comes the next Riyria Chronicle cover. I present to you The Death of Dulgath.

Yes, I realize it doesn't have Royce and Hadrian front and center like the other books:

but there are several reasons for this.
  1. I never felt that the models used for the other pair were a good representation of how I saw Royce and Hadrian. But, by the time I saw them it was far too late to do anything about it.
  2. In general, I don't like featuring the characters as I want the readers to come up with their own depictions of what people look like.
  3. I have no access to the pictures from the original shoot.  To be honest, I think The Rose and the Thorn should have stayed on the cutting room floor, but again not something I can do anything about.
For this cover, we wanted to keep Royce and Hadrian's back to the camera and focus instead on Castle Dulgath, a run-down abode on the edge of the sea and the site of the majority of the novel.

If you like Marc's amazing artwork, we just hit a stretch goal for the Kickstarter that makes this available as a 24" x 36" poster. They're just $9 US and $22 for overseas and ship in a sturdy tube so there won't be any creases and they'll be suitable for framing. If you want more than one, each additional one is just $4 more.

Things are coming together nicely...we have the title, cover, and I'm more than 50% through the writing. I'm even a bit ahead of schedule so things are shaping up nicely.


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  2. Will there be a cover remake for the previous installments to be made by Marc? To be honest I like this cover and I totally agree with that number 2 reason.

  3. I just finished and loved the novel! I think the cover's incredibly beautiful--I actually thought the publishers found a 19th century painting with two riders, and only learned about Marc when I wanted to discover who the artist was. A wonderful author deserves such an amazing artist to illustrate his vision

  4. I am currently reading (well, listening to...) the novel. I also love the cover art, and think that the previous covers don't mesh with my internal image of what the pair "really" look bravo on the decision. Love all these books to death - thank you for writing more of them.


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