Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Author Interview

As part of Farilane's release, Audible conducted an interview with me.

In it, I answer the following questions:
  • Do listeners need to be familiar with Nolyn to enjoy Farilane?
  • What was your favorite part of the story to explore and to write?
  • Many early listeners have told us that Farilane as a character is especially compelling, and she has exceptionally lively dialogue. How did she come to you during the writing process?
  • Tim Gerard Reynolds, who narrated Nolyn, returns to voice Farilane. What made you choose him to perform this series?
  • What do you hope listeners take away from Farilane?
  • I love the Teshlor, now the Teshlor Knights. Will they be in the final story of the trilogy?

If you want to enter a drawing for a chance to win an audio download of Farilane you can do so here. The drawing will be tomorrow at midnight.

And last but not least...here is the marketing copy for Farilane to whet your appetite:

Being an unwanted twin in the Imperial line of succession, Farilane became a scholar, adventurer, and in a time when reading was once more forbidden - a book hunter. Her singular obsession is finding the mythical Book of Brin, a tome not just lost but intentionally buried. Respected and beloved by the Teshlor Knights, not even their legendary skills can protect her for what she finds is more dangerous than what she sought.

From the three-time New York Times best-selling author Michael J. Sullivan, Farilane is the second novel in the Rise and Fall Trilogy. This latest set of stories sits snugly between Legends of the First Empire and the Riyria books (Revelations and Chronicles). With this tale, Michael continues his tradition of unlikely heroes who must rise to the call when history knocks, demanding to be let in. This series will conclude in the summer of 2023 with the release of Esrahaddon, the final piece in a narrative that began in 2008 and contains 19 full-length novels spread across four series.
And if that's not enough to give it a try, check out some of the comments from recent reviews:

This by far is my favorite of ALL his works   •  Fantastic!

WOW!   •  I have no words. Just read.

An absolute joy   •  SUPERB!

Amazing!  • Heartbreakingly Spectacular

Exceptional  • One of his best works yet

It was emotional, funny, and entertaining  • PERFECT!

Awesome  • Heartbreakingly Spectacular

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