Thursday, June 9, 2022

Farilane hits #1 Epic Bestseller List!

I'm pleased to report that Farilane is the #1 Bestselling Epic Fantasy Audiobook! Thanks all for the early support.  You can pick up a. copy here!

To celebrate its release, we're doing a drawing for a free audiobook download code (you don't have to be an Audible member to use it.  You can sign up for it here. The winner will be picked from a random drawing which will be held June 15th. Right now you have a one-in-119 chance to win - and I may end up giving away a few at a time depending on how many people enter.

If you can't wait for the drawing, then you an pickup a copy with an Audible Credit. And while you are there, check out the trailer which was filmed at my house in Luray - you'll get a glimpse of my office so you can see where Robin chains me to the desk.

Even better the reviews coming in are fantastic! Here are some snippets:

"Absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. Micheal J. Sullivan never fails to impress and has once again delivered a literary masterpiece."

"This by far is my favorite of ALL his works."

"Michael Sullivan is a genius author."

"An absolute joy."

"Sullivan Delivers."

"Best yet."

"Wow - just finished my first listen and I'm speechless."


"Another great story by Micheal j Sullivan"

"Fantastic Story"

"This book took my on a roller coaster of emotions."

"Farilane is one of the best books I have ever read."

"Another great tale from the world."

"One of Mr. Sullivan's best works."

"Was absolutely amazing!!

"I have no words. Just read."

"Loved it!"

"One of my favorites!"

"Powerful and humorous, you get attached to the characters in a short span and the ending has one of the biggest emotional kicks I’ve ever gotten in a novel."

"I agree it might indeed be Sullivan’s best work yet. Character development with Farilane is well done and I love her wit."

"I would give more than 5 stars if I could."


"Just ... wow."

"Best one yet."

"I was captivated by Farilane from the very beginning."

"This is the best book Michael J. Sullivan has ever written. Full stop." 


"Another Character that I Fell in Love With"


"Possibly Sullivan's best work yet"

"Such a great story from beginning to end!

"I couldn't stop listening!"

"Ten stars!"

"In my opinion, it’s the best book he’s written so far."


"The book is captivating and moving."

"I found myself laughing so hard and so much and I want to be her!!"

"Wow! One of MJS's best!"

"Amazing - I loved this book! The story is gripping and emotional."

"This one will hit you in the feels."

"Farilane is an outstanding addition to the world of Elan."

"Cannot put it down."

"Wow! What an emotional ride this was!"

"One of his best works yet."

"Sullivan does a masterful job of weaving in elements and creating a story arch that is worth reading and then reading again to find what you've missed."


"Loved it. Best yet in legends Series! Can't wait for next one."

"It was emotional, funny and entertaining."

"It has an amazing main character and her arc is so spectacular that I listened to the whole book in one shot."

"Michael never disappoints"

"This was the book in this new series I was least excited for and it has been the best book in all of his series."


"Heartbreakingly Spectacular"

"Best EVER!!"

"His finest work to date."

"There are no words to prepare you for what comes at the end."

"As a huge fan of Michael J Sullivan’s works, this book did not disappoint."

"Farilane is so incredibly lovable as a character."

"More more more"

"EPIC Story, Superb Writing, MUST READ."

"Emotional and Character Driven.

"The ending gave me goosebumps, and I'm so eager for the next book to come out."

"It was a fun ride and a story with a powerful ending.

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